Mission & Vision

The Mission

The aim of Himalayan International School is to provide the best holistic education to its pupils. We believe that the pursuit of excellence rests on the positive belief of developing the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, compassion as is enshrined in our motto 'तमसो माँ योतगम य:' Take us O' Lord from Darkness to Light.

  • We Are Duty Bound And Promise Driven:
  • To Strengthen A Culture Of Academic Excellence.
  • To Strengthen Student's Personalities With Character Building Teamwork, Physical Development And A Sense Of Leadership.
  • To Instill A Sense Of Nationalism, Social Equality And Communal Harmony.
  • To Inculcate A Fine Sensitivity To The Concerns Of The Environment.
  • To Help Students Advance Technologically Without Compromising Our Rich Values And Our Cultural Heritage.
  • To Prepare Students For Advanced Academic Studies As Well As For Excellence In Sports & Games.

Our Vision

The Schools have a vision to maintain a sharp focus on the pursuit of attaining the highest academic standards. In addition, the schools aim at the holistic development of personality of students by creating

  • An Understanding And Appreciation Of India's Rich Culture
  • A Sense Of Integrity, Ethics, And Uncompromising Honesty
  • A Strong Secular Ethos
  • Leadership, With A Sense Of Team Work And Fair Play An Awareness Of The Environment
  • A Concern For The Less Fortunate
  • A Concern For Human Rights And Democratic Values
  • An Inquisitive Mind And A Spirit Of Adventure.
  • A Global Perspective
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